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Have you ever wondered what those plastic bottles you surrender at a recycling depot in Vancouver turn into? What products do they become? When it comes to plastic reprocessing, there are actually a variety of products that contain plastic recovered materials.

Take a look at the various plastic containers taken to a recycling depot in Vancouver such as BC Bottle Depot first. There are two types of containers for beverages. The first one is the PET bottle. It is used to contain water and other drinkable liquids that are thin in consistency. For thicker liquids such as juices, they are typically placed in HDPE bottles. Both types of containers contain petroleum, which is a kind of non-renewable material. This is why recycling bottles helps a lot in reducing wastes of natural resources.

The bottles you take to a recycling depot will be sorted out. They are cleaned thoroughly and then chopped up. The floatation process helps sort out the chopped up materials. After the plastic is melted, a machine is used to spin it into fibers. In some cases, the plastic is molded into pellet-like shapes.

Some of the end-products that contain the processed materials from recycled bottles are fleece jackets, carpets and upholstery. New bottles are even made from recycled bottles.

Its amazing how many new products can be made from old and used materials like plastic bottles. It makes you wonder how many more materials can be used from other recyclable materials like paper. With these many possibilities, everyone should consider taking up recycling.

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