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New To Vancouver? Heres What To Do With Your Bottles

Post by admin: March 26, 2019

Moving to Vancouver is exciting. This is one of the worlds most livable cities and one of the most beautiful too. Most people are amazed by Vancouvers gorgeous natural surroundings mountains, beaches, and more.

To keep our environment looking beautiful and our city streets clean, Vancouverites are encouraged to recycle as much as possible. By recycling, you are helping the environment and creating a great urban space for residents.

Theres also another benefit to recycling that lots of new residents dont know about, and thats getting your bottle deposit back when you take your glass and plastic bottles to a bottle depot in Vancouver. By leaving your bottles in the trash, you are essentially throwing away money which you could be pocketing if you take them to a BC Bottle Depot in Vancouver instead.

We have two bottle depots in the city of Vancouver, one located in the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood and the other in South Vancouver. As well, there are BC Bottle Depots in nearby cities, such as Surrey and Richmond.

Taking your bottles to a BC Bottle Depot in Vancouver is easy. We encourage you to separate them from the rest of your recycling and trash at home, to make it easier to deposit them in the bits when you arrive at the bottle depot in Vancouver.

You can take both glass and plastic bottles to a bottle depot in Vancouver. All of the standard sizes are accepted as well. Depending on your mode of transport, you can wait a while to accumulate a full bag, or you could drop off a few if you happen to be passing by.

New residents should have separate containers in their homes to save their bottles in. Leave this near your trash and other recycling containers, so its easy to get into the habit of leaving them in the right place. Encourage other members of your household, whether family or roommates, to recycle as well, by labeling these or leaving a poster on the wall.

As a resident of this wonderful city, taking your empties to a bottle depot in Vancouver is a great way to give back to the city and perform civic duties. And, in addition to this, for very little effort, youll also have extra money in your pocket. Dont throw your money away, recycle at a bottle depot in Vancouver instead.

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