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Frequently Asked Questions About TV Recycling

Post by admin: October 16, 2017

TVs tend to have a long life. It will probably be years before you will have to upgrade to a new one or buy a new one because your current one broke down. Its important for people to know how to dispose of their old television sets properly. Here are some frequently asked questions about TV recycling you should know:

  1. Where can I take my old TV?

You can find a local recycling center that accepts old or damaged electronics. A bottle depot in Langley such as BC Bottle Depot accepts old electronics in addition to bottles. Look for a bottle depot in Langley near your area and ask what kinds of electronics they accept.

  1. Will I have to pay the recycle centers?

Most of the time, you wont have to pay money. They accept old electronics free of charge. However, you might have to pay some money if youre having them pick up your old electronics.

  1. How do I prepare my television for recycling?

Dust it off. Some light cleaning will suffice. If you still have its old packaging, use it to prevent the television from getting damaged while transporting it to the recycling center. Impact can cause the electronic to release harmful toxins.

  1. What if its still working?

Its still better to extend the life of your electronics. If it still works, you might want to consider donating it instead.

If you have more electronics to recycle, dont hesitate to contact your local recycling center to ask if they can be donated. Its better to let professional recycling centers to take care of your old electronics rather than let them rot in your home.

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