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3 Things You Should Never Do to Empty Water Bottles

Water bottles are the most common plastic wastes found in landfills. Every day, people use plastic water bottles. Its important to educate ourselves about the dangers of plastic wastes, particularly water bottles as they can take centuries to decompose and what we can do for proper disposal of them. Here are the things you should never do to an empty water bottle:

  1. Refill empty plastic water bottles.

Never re-use an empty water bottle to store water again. You cant just wash it and then re-use it as there are potential hazards to this. The small cracks and crumples in used plastic bottles can cause microorganisms to get in the plastic and become a breeding ground for them. You are risking contamination and even food poisoning by re-using it.

  1. Burn empty water bottles.

Never burn empty water bottles, especially in the house as this can emit harmful carbon monoxide, that when inhaled, can lead to death. They also emit furans and dioxins that are known to contribute to the prevalence of diseases like cancer.

  1. Bury your water bottles.

Dont bury your water bottles either. It can risk land contamination. Its also a futile attempt at disposing them since water bottles take more than 400 years to decompose.

Just collect your bottles and take them to a recycling depot in Vancouver such as BC Bottle Depot. The recycling depot in Vancouver will know how to safely recycle the bottles. Its also an easier way to contribute to the betterment of the environment.

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