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What You Need to Know About Electronic Waste

Post by admin: November 20, 2017

Have you ever wondered what happens to the old electronics you throw away? E-waste is actually one of the most damaging wastes we have today. The trace materials that can be found from e-waste is responsible for the 70% of toxic components found in landfills. When they leak, they cause contamination to our soil and water.

In 2009 alone, about 141 million devices were ready to be thrown away. There are many other e-wastes that could be recycled but people dont such as ink and laser cartridges. Only 25% of laser cartridges are re-used and 30% of ink cartridges do not get thrown away. The rest are discarded.

The good news is, 84% of mobile phones today have recyclable properties. Many recycling centers even accept them. You can even go to a local bottle depot in Langley and recycle them together with your bottles. A bottle depot in Langley such as BC Bottle Depot also accepts electronics.

If we recycle up to 100 million phones, thats enough to provide power to 18,500 homes in one year. Electronic parts are re manufactured and then sold. Some of them get reduced to their bare components and then manufactured into another electronic device.

Electronic devices go a long way in making our world Eco-friendlier. They promote less usage of paper. Many companies now have electronic transactions rather than paper transactions. On the other hand, Its still important to maximize the use of our electronic devices. Make sure you get the most of them, take care of them properly and try not to damage them so they can last for a long time.

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