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There are a growing number of landfill sites in British Columbia and it can be attributed to the callous approach of some of us. We are not sensitive to the issues of the environment and play no real heed to the ways of combating them. Landfill is a site where rubbish and waste is dumped. The number of landfills has increased in the recent times and this is a cause for concern for environmentalists.

The landfills have both organic as well as non organic wastes deposited. People are less sensitive to the issues of the environment and fail to understand that proper disposal of goods can ensure recycling of certain wastes. Landfill need to be meant for only those wastes that cannot be recycled. These kinds of waste can then be dumped at the site. There are certain wastes such as organic compound that can be recycled and reused by us. They need not be dumped at a site. This is one of the important environment friendly steps that need to be taken.

One of the popular practices that is growing in Vancouver is depositing beverage bottle and cans at bottle return depots. One can deposit beer cans, beer bottles and non-alcohol containers and bottles at their nearest bottle return depot and get some cash in return. Earning money for depositing this form of waste is seen as an encouragement to sensitize people towards environmental issues.

Therefore, one can indulge in different acts of conserving the environment and protecting it from manmade problems.

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