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Vancouver Bottle Recycling, What It Can Do for You

Post by admin: June 5, 2013

Statistics shows that we can recycle more than 60 per cent of everyday garbage. Out of these scraps, we can recycle 100 per cent of the glass. It takes thousands of years for a glass bottle to decompose. Yet, we can reuse it repeatedly, and it never loses its purity and quality.

In Vancouver, bottle recycling offers multiple rewards for you. One of the most prominent advantages is its contribution in preserving the environment. You can chip in for everyone’s gain while getting monetary benefits from any bottle depot in Vancouver.

Do you believe recycling a bottle can save enough energy to run a computer for 30 minutes?

In the glass industry, it is estimated that manufacturers use nearly 70 per cent of recycled glasses to make new glass products. The process helps in saving energy and resources, as the old bottles use lesser energy than the new raw materials.

Bottle depots in Vancouver play a crucial role in reducing the space for landfill and other waste disposal. Beverage bottles are the most common glasses that are recycled in these depots.

To summarize, bottle recycling is significant in saving energy, resource and land in Vancouver. On the other hand, it reduces pollution and other environmental concerns.

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