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Teaching Kids How to Recycle

Recycling is not just for adults. Even at a very young age, kids can be taught the value of reusing, reducing and recycling. In fact, this is the perfect time to guide their awareness to taking care of the environment.

When Should I Start Teaching My Kids How to Recycle?

This is the best time to do so. When your kids get to the school age or even before that, you can already start educating them about the proper disposal of their garbage. You can start with teaching them how to reuse old school materials such as notebooks and bags. Once they get the hang of it, teach them how to recycle their used plastic bottles and cans.

Should I Let the School Teach My Kids to Recycle?

There should be a recycling program in the school your child is attending to further broaden their education in recycling. However, do not wait for the school to start allowing your child to learn more about recycling. You can contribute to their knowledge by teaching your own children what you know about recycling.

How Can I Engage My Kids in Recycling?

Creating craft projects out of old materials should be a great place to start. You can make stuffed toys out of old socks or make pillows and bags out of old clothes. Aside from that, teach them to segregate their used bottles and cans. Get a bin to collect the bottles and cans they use. At least once a month, take your kid to the nearest bottle depot in Maple Ridge to drop off the collected bottles and cans.

You can ask for a tour around the bottle depot in the Maple Ridge area to educate your child on the process of recycling. With a recycling center like BC Bottle Depot, your kids will grow up conscious about how recycling can help prolong the life of the place they live in

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