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Have you ever wondered where your trash goes when it gets collected by your friendly neighbourhood trash collector? It usually goes in landfills, and in some places, are disposed through unethical means such as incineration.

The thing is, about 60% of our trash can be recycled. If you know how to recycle properly, you can drastically reduce the amount of trash you are dumping on the surface of the planet. If everyone contributes to recycling, we can significantly slow down the accumulation of garbage in a short period of time.

What will you get out of recycling?

Obviously, recycling will help keep our earth clean and green. It also keeps your home clutter-free. If you recycle and get rid of the accumulated bottles, papers and glass from your garage or basement, you can definitely clear up a lot of space.

Trash is also a favorite hang out of common household pests such as rodents and bugs. By removing their habitat and sources of food, you can reduce the appearance of these pests, thereby reducing your chances of acquiring diseases caused by them.

What are recycling depots?

Recycling depots are facilities that accept glasses, cans, bottles and many other recyclable materials. There are specialized recycling depot services in Vancouver such as BC bottle depot that accept bottles of different materials for recycling. You deliver all your empty and used bottles here and they will pay your deposit back in full.

How many times can I visit a recycling depot in Vancouver?

You can visit as many times as you want. But if you want to conserve energy and limit your trips to the bottle depot, you can collect your bottles and then deliver them once a month for a more convenient set-up.

Recycling depots are truly a God-send. With them, our world is a much better and cleaner place to live in. So make sure you look for one near your area in Vancouver and frequent their facility to get rid of all your recyclable junk.

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