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Secrets of Modern Bottle Recycling Plants

Post by admin: June 26, 2013

Over the last few years, the recycling of bottles has become one of the demanding environmental conservation practices in most countries. This can be imagined from the fact that the number of bottle recycling plants is increasing everywhere.

Apart from the techniques and methods, how Vancouver bottle recycling depots works is also a secret. They turn old bottles into raw materials to produce new bottles in the following ways:


Broken glass in depots is usually found mixed with a lot of things like plastic caps, polythene bags etc. The large sized items like plastic jugs or containers are easy to sort out but harder-to-sort items follow more sorting inside the depot. Through sorting, the bottles are isolated against the metal caps, tin cans and other metal pieces.

Sorting broken glass

Another secret of bottle recycling depots in Vancouver is that they sort out clear glass from those of browns, greens and blues. For this, they take advantage of advanced technology based optical sorting machines. The role of the machine is to differentiate the pictures of clear, green and other glass and send the clear glass into a separate conveyor belt.

Once the glass is sorted properly, it becomes easier for recycling teams to mix soda ash, limestone and sand with the recycled glass to form new glass. Hence, it can be said that modern bottle depots work in a very systematic manner to turn used glass bottles into new ones.

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