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Practicing recycling at home is really a great way of helping the environment and minimizing the amount of trash being collected every day. But getting to these end goals is much easier if more people get into recycling. If you can encourage a friend to recycle the same way you do, you can make this world a better place to live in.

Here are some tips:

  1. Invite your friend over and show how its done.

If your friend can see how its being done in your home, she can use the same methods in her own home.

  1. Show your friend how easy it is.

Most people shy away from recycling because they think its a tough job. But you can let your friend know that its alright to take recycling one step at a time. She can start with recycling used and empty cans and bottles. Bottles and cans are often the most common trash found in landfills. You can also let your friend know of a local bottle depot in Langley such as BC Bottle Depot to take your bottles. You can even offer to collect her bottles and take it to a bottle depot in Langley. That will lessen even more carbon footprint.

  1. Give eco-friendly gifts.

A refillable bottle, for instance, is a great gift to give. Your friend can use it instead of buying bottled water elsewhere.

  1. Plan a recycling activity.

Invite your friends over for a recycling activity. It can be fun to do creative stuff that use recyclable materials.

You can also share your tips on social media and show photos on how recycling is done in your home. This way, you can inspire and encourage more people to do the same.

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