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With banners, hoardings and different campaigns focusing on the preservation and protection of the environment, what smallest of roles did you fulfill as a part of this ecosystem. We are no different than other who lives in the biosphere and it is our whole and sole duty to offer the right services whenever possible to play a part in the eco-friendly drive. Whether it is our act or our behavior, we need to respect our Mother Nature and become an active member for its protection.

BC Bottle Depot is a bottle return depot in Vancouver and also located in different other parts of BC. It provides a valuable support to the community helping them to deposit their old bottles, cans and other glass containers and get rid of these wastes from the household on a daily basis. Even if you are running a basis and there is a lot of consumption of liquor or other commodities that are packed in glass containers, bottles and cans, you can bring them to the depot and play your part in the ecological drive.

The bottle return depot is an important part of the recycle chain. One does not have to worry about the glass waste being thrown at the landfills as they can now be recycled and reused again and again. People can again and again contribute with regular deposition of used cans, bottles and glass containers to the bottle depot in Vancouver. It will be your initiative to do something good for the ecosystem.

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