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sBottles make up a large portion of our household wastes. Most people don’t know what to do with their collected plastic and glass bottles. Aside from taking them to a bottle depot in Maple Ridge where they will know how to recycle your bottles you can also try the following creative projects for your kitchen.

1. Use old bottles to make fun lighting.

You can even make a chandelier out of small bottles and jars. If you have collected colored glass bottles you can turn them into mood lighting.

2. Make an indoor herb garden with bottles.

Bottles can be cut in half to create an indoor herb garden. Plant basil mint oregano parsley and many more herbs you can use for cooking. You can display these on your kitchen counter or use a palette to hang them.

3. Use them to hold your kitchen utensils.

Cut off the top portion to create a makeshift kitchen utensil holder.

4. Use small glass bottles to make a DIY soap dispenser.

Just replace the cap with a push dispensing system and you now have a nice and unique dispenser.

5. Use big plastic bottles to store your pasta.

Remove the top portion of two plastic bottles. Place your pasta in one of the plastic bottle and use the other as a lid.

For the bottles you can’t recycle make sure you take them to bottle depot services in Maple Ridge. With the help of these recycling centers you can keep your bottle waste to a minimum.

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