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Bottle Return Depots & Economic Revitalization Strategy

Post by admin: July 23, 2013

Scrap recycling is important not only for the environmental well being but is also crucial in terms of the complete economic development of the city. Considering the current status of bottle return depots in Vancouver, it has been observed that their presence has been promoting recycling as an essential part of economic revitalization strategy.

There are a number of ways to use the service encouraging residents and local development bodies to make great economical changes in the city. It includes providing job opportunities to individuals, providing them with incentives to collect, sort and bring plastic and glass bottles to the bottle depots in Vancouver.

Some bottle return depots also come with the option to pay to individuals including residents etc for bringing their household glass junks to the recycling center. The recycled glass to be used as fresh commodity adds to the recycling as economic revitalization factor.

The recycling process requires the less use of raw materials, resources and energy as compared to what requires in producing fresh bottles. This adds to the prevention of natural resources in abundance and ultimately, it promotes the economic development of the city.

Hence, it can be said that returning used glass bottles and containers to the bottle depots in Vancouver is the chore that can make one to earn instant cash along with supporting the city towards the economic revitalization strategies.

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