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Litter is considered as a major source of problem for pedestrians as well as motorists and communities. Littering is the outcome of reckless human behavior that has the potential to affect our environment seriously. Hence, it becomes important for us to check and contain the menace of littering. Today, many environmental awareness drives are focusing on promoting waste management techniques for reducing harmful and unchecked littering, and mitigating its negative impacts on our environment.

A new age initiative, bottle return depots play a crucial role in the meaningful reduction of littering. There are ample evidences to prove that deposit refund policies of leading bottle depots reduce the cases of lacerations by glass bottles and containers, in the environment.

With an objective to reduce litter, numerous one-way deposit systems and policies have been developed by bottle return depots. If the bottle numbers are significant, individuals can easily take their containers to redeem their deposit. As per certain recycling data, the introduction of bottle deposits has reduced the generation of glass litter by a significant 30 to 40%.

According to the figures of Returnable Container Acts in different places, over the past 25 years, professional bottle recycling centers have reduced the container litter and roadside litter by 70 to 80% and 70% respectively.

As per the policies of modern bottle recycling depots, individuals can receive full deposit on beverage and pop containers. Most of these depots offer 10 cents on each beer can and beer bottle, and full deposits on spirit and wine containers.

Hence, when it comes to meaningful reduction in litter, modern bottle recycling depots are performing a stellar role. Not only these depots offer a chance to earn cash from used glass bottles and cans, but they also support environment conservation.

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