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Recycling is one of the most effective ways of conserving environment. Glass bottles and used containers accumulate to cause landfill. If these waste materials can be properly recycled, it helps in reducing environmental pollution.

Recycling has many benefits. Some of them are:

Eco-friendly and Efficient

Recycling used bottles helps in reducing environmental pollution. As the waste material takes many years to decompose, it creates a lot of problem. With proper recycling, it takes less than a month to manufacture new bottles and jars fit to be sold again.

Recycled bottles are stronger and are durable. Bio-degradable material is used to manufacture these bottles so that they can easily decompose after being used. Less resources and raw material are used to produce recycled bottles unlike fresh glasses that require granite, soda ash and sand. Recycling helps in saving the organic resources.

Less Energy Consumption

Every time a new glass bottle is made, energy is used. The raw materials are heated to high temperatures that not only increases air pollution but also consume a lot of energy. As recycling requires less energy, it is important to deposit used bottles at a bottle return depot.

Recycling Process

In a bottle return depot, glass bottles and containers are collected. They are cleaned, washed to ensure that it is free from impurities. They are segregated according to colors as different chemical combination is used to make different colored bottles. These glasses are then crushed and melted to give new shapes of jars, containers and bottles.

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