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Based in British Columbia, BC Bottle offers services for recycling glass bottles and encourages people to recycle their cans, glass bottle, beverages and non-beverages bottles. BC Bottle work for energy conservation and keep our environment clean by re-using glass bottles again and again.

• The several advantages of recycling of glass are conservation, energy saving, pollution control, fighting global warming, and reducing landfill.

• The statistics reveals that recycling of the glass reduces the pollution up to 20% and saves natural resources and raw material in abundance.

• The recycling of glass uses less energy than manufacturing glass from soda, lime and sand.

BC Bottle depot is working round the clock to make our earth, a better place for coming generation. The people can also earn money by recycling their glass bottle and cans, by bringing them to their nearest BC Bottle depot, situated at Maple Ridge, Walnut Grove, Surrey, and Vancouver, BC.

Recycle your glass bottles for the sake of precious environment.

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