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Bottle Depot Vancouver Are you looking for a bottle depot in Vancouver? BC Bottle Depot has several locations in British Columbia. We encourage you to recycle all your bottle products for the sake of the environment. We’ll even give back your deposit for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Visit our website to find our depots as well as drop off locations.  

Bottle Depot Vancouver: Preparing Glass Bottles and Jars for Recycling
Recycling helps Canadian cities divert at least 80 percent of waste from their landfills. To make sure your recyclable waste counts, it is important that you keep them in relatively good, clean, and ready to process condition. Consult your bottle depot in Vancouver about their standards when it comes to acceptable and unacceptable items. This way, you can make sure that every piece of recyclable material you deposit is usable. These facilities will often provide you with guidelines on how to prepare your recyclables before depositing them for processing.
Some general guidelines include removing lids and caps and cleaning off bits of residue and food from the insides. This way, you help save work for depots and streamline their recycling, which further helps conserve energy. Bottle depot facilities in Vancouver facilities aren't very particular about leaving bottle and jar labels on. Common types of bottles and containers accepted in these types of depots include glass jars and bottles, beverage containers like juice cans, plastic jugs, and similar types of recyclable containers.
BC Bottle Depot is an environment-friendly facility that gives top priority to keeping the environment clean free from pollution. Dedicated to making the earth a safer place to live in, the BC Bottle Depot encourages Vancouver residents to reuse recycled materials and bring them to their facility for recycling instead of throwing them away and contributing to waste.
Bottle Depot Vancouver
BC Bottle Depot
Vancouver, BC

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Bottle Depot Vancouver