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Bottle Depot Maple Ridge According to research, an average American household can fill 1,350-foot towers with the amount of jars and bottles they throw away in a span of 2 weeks. Help save the environment by recycling. BC Bottle Depot has a recycling depot in Maple Ridge. You can find our other locations in British Columbia on our website. At our recycling bottle depot maple ridge location you have the option to simply recycle or to give your bottles to earn money.  

Recycling Depot Maple Ridge: Importance of Recycling
Recycling is one of the simplest yes most impactful ways to make a change in the state of the environment and the world we live in. With the amount of waste humans produce at an all time high, ten to twenty years ago was the best time to engage in recycling but it is never too late for those who want to make a difference and create a cleaner and healthier place for the next generations to enjoy. Bringing your recyclables to a recycling depot in Maple Ridge can help reduce the negative impacts of waste on our natural environment. Not only does recycling help lessen the pollution because of excessive production of aste materials, it also helps reduce the need for raw materials so that natural resources can be produced.
Great amounts of energy are inevitably used when turning raw materials into different types of products. Recycling on the other hand, requires a lot less energy, which is why it allows even greater preservation of natural resources. Recycling also proves to be important to people, as it frees up more space that landfill sites take up. It also reduces financial expenditure from excess waste management. 
Bottle depot maple ridge is one of the most reliable Recycling Depot facilities in Maple Ridge accepting different kinds of recyclable materials. The BC Bottle Depot specializes in bottles and containers, as well as glass, aluminum cans, and even old electronics, helping the region reduce waste and conserve energy from manufacturing. 
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Bottle Depot Maple Ridge