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Bottle Depot Langley Some households have no idea how the bottles they throw out add up in landfills. By recycling used bottles, you can help save the environment and even get some money for yourself. Scott Road is one of the locations of BC Bottle Depot where you can get money in exchange for your bottles. Visit our website to check out our bottle depot langley location. Feel free to contact any of our recycle depot locations or call 604-916-3737 for inquiries.  

How Recycling Plastic Bottles Can Help the Environment
Plastic bottles make up the growing segment of solid waste in the world. The American Chemistry council estimated that an average person will use 166 plastic water bottles annually, and in every hour, about 2.5 plastic bottles are likely to be thrown away. This is where a Scott Road bottle depot facility can help, especially if you are making an effort in helping the environment reduce its solid waste and minimize the effects of plastic bottle disposal to the environment. There are many benefits to recycling plastic bottles:
1. Reduce your contributions to landfills – Take your used plastic bottles to a bottle depot to minimize waste and landfill contributions. You can save 7.4 cubic yards of space in landfills for every ton of plastic that will be recycled. Moreover, you can prevent waste from littering water resources and roadways.
2. Conserve resources – Recycling can help conserve natural resources, like oil, which is non-renewable and already limited in supply. It is estimated that a ton of recycled plastic can conserve about 3.8 barrels of crude oil.
3. Conserve energy – Plastic manufacturing can consume a lot of energy, unlike when you make new materials from existing plastics. The Environmental Protection Agency found that recycling a pound of PET will conserve around 12,000 BTUs of heat energy. Recycling consumes up to two-thirds less energy than conventional manufacturing methods, too.
4. Minimize pollution and greenhouse gases – Plastic manufacturing is a major contributor in greenhouse gases, which can worsen global warming. Taking your empty plastic bottles to a Scott Road bottle depot like BC Bottle Depot can help decrease the amount of pollution in the water and air.
BC Bottle Depot has three branches in British Columbia, and langley is one of them. We are encouraging you to take your plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans to our bottle depot langley location to free up space in your home and to help save the environment. We accept household paints and electronics, too. We offer full deposit on most beverage and pop containers, beer cans and bottles, and spirit and wine containers.
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