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Bottle Return Depot
12111 86th Ave
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#8 - 20280 97th Ave
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100 14727 108A Avenue
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2605 Kaslo Street
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Bottle Recycling Initiative


What if we don’t recycle? How can recycling glass help us? These and many more are questions which crowd our mind about the possible harm of glass
waste and how can recycling benefit us and our environment.

Out of the many reasons behind the importance of recycling, some have been listed below:

  • 60% of the household waste can be recycled and hence reduce over-dumping of landfills.

  • Old and used materials can be recycled into new and useful ones. Recycling waste greatly helps in reducing water and land pollution.

  • We use-up less of the natural resources as we recycle the goods and re-use the materials.

  • Energy is also conserved as less energy is required for recycling used products in comparison to producing a completely new product out of fresh raw materials.

  • It is cost-effective and economical to use recycled material than using fresh raw materials.


Recycling is a useful, environment-friendly process of cleaning of the waste and re-using products for the conservation of fuel and energy.

Recycling has many advantages and is useful in the following ways:

We can conserve fuel and raw materials by re-using products after recycling them. We can reuse the waste that is thrown out of the house on daily basis. Nearly, 60% of the household trash can be re-used and recycled into new products.


Through recycling, we reduce the amount of energy needed to produce an all-new product. For e.g., we require more fuel and energy for the preparation of another glass bottle. But instead, we can recycle the used bottles and prepare fresh ones from them.


A great deal of land, water and air pollution is caused during the manufacture and disposal of glass. With recycling of glass bottles and cans, there is a lesser need of their manufacture and hence lesser air pollution. This way we can considerably reduce the pollution resulting from the manufacturing processes.

Energy conservation and reduction in biosphere pollution greatly helps in reducing the risk of Global Warming. Saving energy for future generations and controlling the air, land and water pollution by recycling the waste helps in maintaining a waste-free and healthy environment and in energy conservation.
Recycling waste helps in reducing the piling up of garbage and waste on the landfill sites. We can reduce the burden on the landfill by recycling the waste materials and preparing fresh products out of them. Over-crowding of landfill sites can harm the adjoining areas and lead to health and hygienic problems for the local inhabitants.